It all started with contemplation. The quiet and profound beholding of something greater than ourselves. Of Nature working wonders from vineyard to grape, and the art of making wine according the terroir’s claim.

This contemplation led to wondering, the wondering to an urge and the urge to the action of creating the Tenute del Mondo Wine Group. Inspired by the journey from ground to bottle, this group was born to be dedicated to exceptional wine estates.

The foundation stone of was laid in 2006 with the acquisition of part of the Italian Marchesi de’Frescobaldi, together with MIP (Michael Mondavi). This family-run business integrates three prestigious estates, Ornellaia, Castelgiocondo and Luce della Vite, that we committed to further develop and make prosper.

In 2011 the highest rated Argentinean wines in history also became a part of the Group. Achaval Ferrer and their beautiful vineyards came to ennoble our portfolio, being a perfect match to our standards of consistency and excellence.

The following acquisition occurred in 2015 with the Spanish historical estate of Señorío de Arínzano, in Navarra. This place of unique heritage goes back to the time when Fortuñones de Arinzano was offered that property in the year 1055. That strong heritage together with a distinguished soil and climate, make this winery one of the rarest and most precious Vino de Pago of Spain.

In 2019, the last one to join the collection was Melipal winery with its exceptional vineyard, planted in 1923 in Mendoza.

These estates have been selected for their unique potential to deliver the most exquisite expressions of their terroirs and to please the most delicate palates.

Because we believe in diversity and pleasure, our ambition is to complement that collection over time. We are only at the beginning of our wine journey…!

To Nature


Each estate of the TM Wine Group fully seizes the privilege of working in the course of Nature’s rhythms and demands. Each vineyard, each vine-tree, each bunch is handled with the utmost care and attention and express the uniqueness of the soils that hold them. The perfection of each of these elements is a result of the surrounding natural balance that we seek to maintain. Giving us the rare raw material from which to create our wines.

The harmony is reflected and tastable in every bottle of wine produced. This is the reason why environmental conscience is of great importance to us: to make this harmony as pure and sublime as possible.

Knowing that a sustainable practice is key to make this valuable legacy of Tenute del Mondo last, the vineyard and winery management of each estate is carried out according to all the applicable legal requirements and beyond. With this in mind, each year we reevaluate and redefine a set of goals, aiming a better environmental performance.

In short, our key environmental goals are:

• to detect, monitor and reduce all the possible risks that may result from the estates agricultural and oenological activity, as well as from the managerial processes;

• to raise awareness in all estates to the use of organic solutions as much as possible, both in viticultural and enological context;

• to promote the correct management of waste waters;

• to recicle all the solid residues that result from the activities developed within the Group;

• to envolve everyone within the TM teams in this commitment to respect and preserve our natural inheritance

To Culture


Every part of our work is deeply connected to the different cultural origins upon which our wines are developed. Everything from local architecture to local artists and cultural habits and beliefs shape the historic context and background of each estate, and thus is a fundamental part of their identities and of Tenute del Mondo as a whole.
Spreading across different continents, the cultural richness of our host communities is essential where the value of our wines is concerned, and grants us a fascinating background to work upon.
A mindset of respect, contemplation and willingness to carry forward the cultural heritage we were given, is what we try to promote and pass on to our co-workers and everyone around us.

Our work is guided by vast horizons and a broad perspective of each of the Ornellaia’s history and sustainability, believing firmly in our potential to grow in future years.

We focus on a long-term commitment to all the elements that define the TM group, from the natural surroundings of each estate to the people who work daily to make them prosper. To make this natural, cultural and human richness grow and last is the foundation to everything we do.
This is what it takes to sculpt the outstanding wines of our portfolio. Faith and patient dedication to the exquisite quality of our grapes, a deep comprehension of each terroir and each vine-tree and a cutting edge vision, supported by the expertise of our coworkers. These are the attributes that make each of our wines a unique and unforgettable experience.

Jon Pepper MW